Fluffy, Puffy White Winter Outfit

Good morning loves! I know, is 11 A.M and for me is a late morning so please don`t be too judgmental.

Today I have prepared for you a new white outfit with some brown accents from the accessories. I consider it suitable for this kind of weather, even more because the snow had melted and there is no risk to “change” the color of the outfit. Well, at least if you`re not like me. I don`t really know how it`s possible but almost all the times when I`m wearing the all white outfit I end up with spots on my jeans.

Right now I have to go, but for more details you can check the I was wearing section to find direct links to each http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/. Wish you all a wonderful day!!

Quite oversize and really comfy which is why I can’t seem to take it off. Ha! I added my all time favorite tartan scarf, a black fedora super cool back leather chelsea boots, my beloved check scarf from Topshop and my faithful companion the cross body bag by Hallhuber, to finish off my look. How do you like my look for grey days?

As you all know from my last Weekly Update, next week Fashion Week craziness begins so this might be the last easy look (at least for a week) before some fancy ones make an appearance on the blog. Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!

Happy happy Friday! Finally there is the weekend and go with it, there is today a look at two of my favorite parts of my wardrobe. This I wear currently particularly like, especially on women rainy days, as we currently have in Berlin continuously. As you already know, I am a fan of gross beige coats.


Amazon series “Mozart in the Jungle” feat “Mr Robot” winning

The consecration to Amazon. The Internet giant, already rewarded last year for his series Transparent, again Sunday received two awards at the Golden Globes for Mozart in the Jungle.

The series, whose action takes place in New York, in the world of classical music, evokes the chaotic course of pickedlooks prom dresses, played by Gael Garcia Bernal, the new conductor of the New York Symphony. In addition to the prize for the best series in the category “comedy” Mozart in the Jungle, Mexican actor wins the Best Actor in the same category.

Her character of Rodrigo is observed closely and regularly criticized by his predecessor, Thomas Pembridge, played by British actor Malcolm McDowell, famous for his role as Alex DeLarge in Stanley Kubrick film, A Clockwork Orange.

“We’re very fortunate to do a series that pays tribute to the musicians,” said Paul Weitz, director of the program, receiving the award in the company of his team. He paid tribute to the BBC, without which, he has said this kind of quality television never see the day. “It’s unbelievable. This is really a surprise, “said later Bernal, his eyes moist and visibly taken by emotion when accepting the best actress award.

The trailer of season 1:

“Mr Robot” a surprise
The evening was also marked by the small cable channel USA Networks, which created a surprise by taking two trophies also for Mr Robot, while major US free channels (the “networks”) had to settle for a single price.

Mr Robot, dedicated to a young computer programmer leading double lives, thus wins the award for best series and the actor Christian Slater the Best Supporting Actor category in the series, limited series (one season) and TV movie . Broadcast this summer by USA Networks, little known for his fiction programs, she took the middle course by its quality and its hearings.

Empire, John Hamm and Lady Gaga also distinguished
The evening almost private trophy major US free channels, which were rain or shine in television production in the last few years. The actress Taraji Henson saved “networks” of the sinking with his acting awards in a Drama Series for Empire, Fox event series.

In the same category drama series, the hero of Mad Men, Jon Hamm, who was honored for the second time after a first prize in 2008. The last episode of the series was released in May 2015.

Small event, the singer Lady Gaga received the award for Best Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie term for his role in the series the cable channel FX, American Horror Story Hotel. “This is one of the greatest moments of my life. I wanted to be an actress before trying to become a singer, “said Lady Gaga once on stage.

Among other awards event on television, acting awards for a series of limited duration or a Movie for the Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac origin, main character of the program HBO, Show Me a Hero.

By rewarding Oscar Isaac – currently showing of Star Wars in the role of Poe Dameron – the Golden Globes have also recognized the powerful work of writer and producer David Simon, creator of The Wire series (The Wire) and Treme.

Broken and new loves and the shock of Elena Furies

15 and we ended up with 16. Aim and three reasons why some celebrity marriages have not come together to eat nougat: irreconcilable differences, infidelity and labor issues. Those are the three reasons most repeated as fundamental to say very good to the respective loves eternal goodbye.

The most talked breaks these last 12 months have been the Oliver Martinez and Halle Berry, followed by Ben Affleck and Jennifer http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/.

Which took only 21 months to go from wedding to separation were the star of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ blonde Kaley Cuoco, who gave her door to her husband, Ryan Sweeting, before this cogiera confidence.

But despite these notorious end, there is always hope, because love continues in pairs, some surprising by the age difference, as Risto Mejide starring teen sticking jumps forward with its new partner, Laura Escanes, only It is 19 years old.

Others come the new year with his tongue out and wedding rings placed just as Cristina Pedroche and David Muñoz or we announced in first in this section that a couple of few weeks: Adriana Abenia and Sergio Abad.

Classical lifelong designers are hot tears watching the trend imposes called casual wedding.

A new year has been my partner a few pages later, Anne Igartiburu, with nerves of her first pregnancy, while relaying the chimes in the 1. Anne will be her first biological child, but already the mother of two adopted girls in 2004 and 2013.

The most original finish this year puts him Elena Furies who, at 27, has released a reflection that I’m sure has put the willies to his mother Lolita. They asked if Elena finally be in love again and, after denying that anyone had and was very quiet in that sense, was thoughtful and said, “The truth is that I have more desire to get pregnant than to find boyfriend” . Lolita is taking infusions of linden nonstop fright.

A question…

Is it true as the first former husband says that the second ex already has substitute?

… And a response

Lola Flores and Pedro Ruiz were the first famous identified by the Tax Office (Lola paid 28 million pesetas and Pedro was enraged by the 41 they asked). From there the list of famous people who have been identified by the finger gives more miedito is very long.