Some Ways a single parent can make the holidays awesome for the kids

The holiday season is a time when families come together to celebrate. However, many families, be it because of divorce, breakups or other reasons, do not spend the holidays together. Single parents may wonder, “What can I do to make the holidays special for my children?” I have some tips for single mothers and fathers who want to ensure a spectacular holiday season for their kids.

For the sake of your children, do your best to get along with the other pickedlooks prom dresses — It’s never easy on children when their parents split up, and arguing among the parents only makes things more difficult. Of course, it’s important for parents to be civil year-round, but since the holidays are big on family time, be sure to put your children’s well-being and happiness ahead of your personal problems with your ex. That’s better than any material gift you can give your child.

Plan parties with other single parents — It will show your children that they aren’t the only ones in their situation, and it can also benefit you and help you to see that you aren’t alone either. Your child’s mother or father may not be around to celebrate, but these parties will remind your children that there are so many people around them that care.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; embrace that village! — Instead of thinking about what your family lacks, look around and focus on all of the people who support you and your children and show you unconditional love.

​Attempt to make amends with your ex for the sake of your kids — In some cases, you and your children may have become estranged from the other parent. Every child deserves to have both parents in his or her life. Make an attempt to reach out to the other parent and re-connect. Hearing from mom or dad for the first time in years could make this the best Christmas yet for your child.

Remember to have a happy holiday yourself — As important as it is to make sure your children enjoy the holidays, you deserve to feel good too. Treat yourself to a gift from you to you, or choose a fun activity you enjoyed when you were young and make time to do it with your own children.

Do you have any other tips for single parents during the holidays? If so, tell me all about them in the comments! I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday, and I hope you get to celebrate with your family.


Beverly Johnson’s Bill Cosby nightmare just got worse

Bill Cosby responded to model Beverly Johnson’s drugging accusations with a lawsuit for defamation.

Bill Cosby is continuing to strike back at his accusers. In addition to the counter lawsuits he filed last week against seven of his rape, Cosby filed a lawsuit on Monday, Dec. 21 against 1970’s supermodel Beverly Johnson for defamation. In a Vanity Fair essay published in 2014, Johnson accused Cosby of drugging her in the 1980’s. She was able to escape before anything else happened.

According E! News, Cosby’s lawyers allege in court documents that Johnson, “thrust herself back into the spotlight in attempt to revive her flagging career as a model, actress and public personality” by joining the campaign to “assassinate” Cosby’s reputation.

In the documents, Cosby’s lawyers assert Johnson’s accusations “are entirely fabricated and nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to resuscitate her own career and benefit herself financially from the wave of media attention surrounding her false allegations against Crosby.”

Cosby is also claiming that Johnson is benefiting financially from defaming him. He wants compensatory and punitive damages, as well as a court order to stop Johnson from publicly speaking about the actor.

Johnson hasn’t commented on the lawsuit.

In an interview with the Today show in December 2014, Johnson spoke about why she decided decades later to break her silence about her experience with Cosby.

“At the time, I felt that it would hurt my career. Most certainly he was a very powerful man. I most certainly did not think of my legacy as the first African-American supermodel to grace the cover of Vogue — and drugged by Bill Cosby.”

While Cosby has never been arrested and denies all accusations of sexual assault, it’s hard to ignore the sheer volume of accusations. Cosby was the dad on a number one sitcom for a big chunk of the 1980’s. He’s the guy that made all those funny Jello pudding pop commercials. To accuse him at the time must’ve felt like lodging accusations at Jesus.

Cosby is no longer on TV, but he still wields a lot of power. Countersuing women for speaking out is well within his rights, but it’s also a continuation of the assault. Rape is a crime of power and trying to punish women to keep them quiet is wrong. According to RAINN, 68% of rapes are unreported because accusers don’t want to be exposed to further victimization.

If Cosby is innocent, then the verdicts in the civil suits should be enough for him. If he is guilty, he is trying to scare his accusers and, in that case, I hope the courts throw the book at him.

‘Who’s in the coffin?’ and other questions raised by the new 6B poster

The premiere of Pretty Little Liars Season 6B is less than a month away, which means the release of new promos and photos for the upcoming season. On Tuesday, a new PLL poster was unveiled and it’s the most morbid one yet. As you can see below, the Liars are carrying a casket and are wearing funeral attire — and manage to look pretty badass in the process.

Theories about Pretty Little Liars’ morbid new 6B poster
As it goes with everything PLL, I have so many questions about this So, let’s get to it and start theorizing even more about the show that keeps fans coming back for more mysteries involving Hanna, Aria, Emily, Spencer and Alison.

1. Who’s in the coffin?
This is the most obvious question. Seriously, who is in that coffin? Could it be a familiar face or maybe a new Rosewood resident? Seeing as all the Liars are carrying the casket, I assume the person inside the coffin is someone they all know and are connected to. Whoever it is, let’s hope it’s not a fan-favorite character.

2. What are the Liars’ secrets?
The poster’s tagline reads: “Are you strong enough to carry your secrets?” Clearly, the Liars seem to be, but what are their secrets? How many secrets can someone truly have? Like with every other season, they tell more lies and keep more secrets, but how long can it go on for?

3. If someone was killed, who did it?
The coffin doesn’t mean that someone was killed. If someone was murdered (let’s face it, you know someone was killed), who did it? Was it one of the Liars? Was it all of the Liars, since they are all carrying the casket? They just can’t help but get blood on their hands.

4. What’s with the veils and sunglasses?
This might be a stretch, but the black veils and dark sunglasses might be a clue. For example, does the veil represent the Black Widow, aka Sara Harvey? Also, do the sunglasses symbolize Jenna? Maybe bad things are ahead for both Sara and Jenna.

5. Does anyone really dress like that for a funeral?
Don’t get me wrong, the Liars look fab, but I’ve never seen someone dress like that for a funeral. However, it’s PLL and when does anyone dress “normal”?

6. Is someone inside the casket?
That casket looks awfully light, or maybe the Liars are just really strong. There might not even be a body inside the coffin. It could just be a symbol of what’s to come during 6B: death.

Pretty Little Liars returns Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 8/7c on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.

Fans and cast agree — Kim Fields isn’t cut out to be a housewife

Nobody ever expected Kim Fields to be the new NeNe Leakes, but after just a handful of RHOA episodes, it’s already obvious that she’s failed to fill the giant shoes left by one of the Bravo franchise’s most iconic gals. Not only is Fields a bad replacement for Leakes, she’s completely wrong for the show.

When Fields first joined the cast of The Real Housewives of, she seemed like the perfect person to mix things up a bit. Fans assumed that she would balance out a group of ladies that are incredibly prone to drama. But instead of bringing a refreshing new sense of perspective to the show, Fields has decided to whine endlessly about how awful it is to spend time with other women in Miami.

The vast majority of the Atlanta Housewives are annoyed with Fields at the moment, but none more than Kenya Moore, who believes that Fields owes her a little gratitude. Moore feels that she “brought [Fields] to the group,” so she hates the idea of the new cast member throwing shade at her benefactor. To be fair, Fields’ critique was nothing new; she called out Moore for instigating instead of investigating. It’s common knowledge that Moore is RHOA’s chief pot stirrer, and now, Fields has finally acknowledged what everybody else has known for a long, long time.

The brief skirmish between Fields and Moore was annoying, but more fans were in agreement with Porsha Williams’ critique. Williams doesn’t take issue with Fields trashing Moore, but she is sick of hearing her complain about spending time with the Housewives. Williams admitted, “This little homesick routine is wearing me out.”

The Housewives are clearly not fond of Fields and they’re not alone in their disdain. During tonight’s episode of RHOA, several fans spoke ill of Fields. Like Williams, these haters were most annoyed by Fields’ whining. It’s natural to miss the family while away from home, but there are far worse things than spending a little time in Miami while earning a nice paycheck from Bravo.

All in all, fans of RHOA are very disappointed by Fields thus far. She was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, but according to disgruntled viewers, she’s just as annoying as the other Housewives, if not worse. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with the family, but in the future, it might be better for family-oriented gals like Fields to avoid shows that involve extensive travel and lots of bickering with drama-prone women.

5 Blarfs that will up your winter fashion game

Some winter days you just want to stay bundled up, all cozy in your bed. However, most of us don’t have the luxury of doing that. For those blustery days when you simply don’t want to leave the covers, enter the blarf.

A blarf, more commonly known as a blanket scarf, is an oversized scarf designed to combine style and pickedlooks prom dresses. The wrap is larger than a normal scarf and can be even worn as a cape if desired. Its comfy design is meant to keep you extra bundled up — hence the blanket reference.

In case you’re still unsure about this blanket-scarf hybrid, allow us to show you five styles that are so chic you’ll forget all about the cold — OK, maybe not. But you’ll at least look good!

1. David & Young Houndstooth & Check Blanket Scarf

This multi-patterned scarf is a great neutral piece for chilly days. Wear as a scarf or a wrap, this piece pairs well with a chunky sweater and jeans for casual styling.

2. Zara Geometric Print Scarf

This boldly colored scarf from Zara offers a funky pattern to add a smattering of color to any dreary winter coat. With its eye-catching colors and textured, frayed ends, this scarf will dress up any winter wardrobe.

3. AEO Heritage Blanket Scarf

For those looking to make a quieter statement, this minimal Tartan woven scarf from American Eagle keeps your winter silhouette mainstream but your body nice and warm.

4. Anthropologie Yantra Wrap

This gorgeous Southwestern-inspired wrap from Anthropologie is a true jack of all trades. Worn folded in two as a scarf or draped over the shoulders as a cape-shawl, this heavy-duty accessory adds a boho touch to any look.

5. Urban Outfitters Oversized Geo Blanket Scarf

With just a subtle touch of color, this insanely cozy blarf from Urban Outfitters is a great option to bundle up with on cold mornings. Pair with a chunky sweater and denim jacket, and you’ll be so warm you’ve forgotten about the falling temps.

Fashion blogger: cropped flare jeans

We said goodbye to cigarette pants and a season later the time has come to give the final shelved. Now is the right models that are detached at the ankle which takes the cake in the territory denim.

Its formal name is the ‘cropped flare jeans’ and although a priori think that you do not favor at all going to include a pair in your … and you know it. The bloggers have already done so we could check in recent weeks.

Happily flock Fashion Vibe, The fashion through my eyes and Soraya Bakthiar have worn jeans shorts combined with high-heeled boots; Jou Jou Villeroy and living Well blog and have done with classic Pumps as allies.

More casual looks are Camille over the rainbow and Style in Madrid with sneakers, while Toks prefers to bet on the masculine style with a flat model in animal print.

Monkeys parted in the middle are a key season for your holiday hairstyles, easy, fast and elegant. Engomina and make all your hair parted in the middle. Make a low ponytail and you put a donut bow for the hair is well rounded. We cover the donut with your hair and secured with hairpins and applied lacquer. You can put some flowers or jewelry to give you comb the hair a different air.

Finish your look making up your eyes on a metal toned smokey very fashionable this season. Start by applying a brown shade on the eyelid. Put the above copper shade and is incident on the outer corner of the eyelid, blend well with your fingers, the brand with eyeliner lash line top and bottom and ends with a coat of mascara. A touch of orange color on cheeks and a light pink lipstick. There, here’s a sleek and sexy look.

This look does not go out of fashion and this season he also committed to bangs. It is simple even if it seems a hairstyle party hard. To make a braid headband, separating your hair braided into two halves and each half, the result will be two low pigtails. Now rises to the height where your bangs begins with two braids and bow forks, joins the two halves, hidden and gums end of each braid.

Paint your lips in a passionate red and even red wine, transparent and homogeneous skin. Cheeks put a pink blush, some top illuminator and a good dose of mask and will have a romantic look great for any party.

Michelle Monaghan is a natural beauty

Michelle Monaghan is a true Minimalist, when it comes to their beauty.

In addition, the 39-year-old has admitted that she is quite adept at to make-up itself, because she got a lot of advice when she pickedlooks prom dresses worked as a model. “Before I became an actress, I have modeled and thus also learned what a makeup suits me and what I should rather avoid,” said the pretty brunette. Her mother had already taught her at an early age, how to dress well. Against the US internet portal for women, ‘The Gloss’, the mother of two said: “I was very interested in fashion, before I started acting I owe my mom that and in my childhood on my long. has respected thick hair. We did not have so much money, yet they wanted me to use the hair products of ‘Redken’. I remember that they told me to comb my hair. I told her that my so liked you back then was that my hair looks like a donut when I would not care Then I could only answer:.. ‘I like donuts’.

The ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ star has admitted that he prefers to wear a super simple makeup and unadorned like going out of the actress (‘My way to you’) said: “As for beauty, I’m really minimalist My look is always very simple I love it though fun, always having to for different roles change my appearance, but in my everyday life.. is rather the opposite is true. I use as little makeup as possible. I’ll always so heavy makeup when I’m working 14 hours a day. ” You have to have to feel their skin to breathe sometimes.