Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss: A Game of Queens

The rules were made to them. They are the most successful anti-models in history. Their lives are full of parallels and now thanks to Mango intersect. We talked a winning tandem accomplice.

It is virtually impossible to go down the street and not look at them, even to smile when you come across a poster Mango for autumn-winter. They are there. They are Face & Kate. Or Kate & Cara. Until the union of their names sound good. As Thelma & Louise or Bonnie & Clyde. An attuned and lethal tandem.

Burberry portrayed them together for the first time wearing the quintessential British style, a raincoat trademark, and Mango has taken over under the slogan #SomethingInCommon. A declaration of intentions. Because both are typically Londoners, transgressive, funny, authentic and possessed of a beauty with personality. A couple who never say no if you were invited to a party.

It’s 11 am and falls the flood, but that has not stopped thousands of young people spend the night on the street to watch them closely. Just they arrive without delay and pose for a few minutes at the photocall with a distinctly Italian background soundtrack. That is, many (and very loud) cry. “I did not dare leave the car!” Cara Delevingne said later.

Each, true to form. Kate, with that outfit so you could recognize him even though the saw back: black skinny, short jacket of the same color, white shirt and heeled boots. “I’d like to be a rock star and touring bus with my band,” says Kate Moss in a nod to her look. And Delevingne, green parka, short black dress, military boots and hands studded rings which share the spotlight with the famous roaring lion tattooed on his right index finger. “I taxi driver and should never walking to work. Or astronaut!” Jokes Cara Delevingne. And another face more …


Brie Bella’s wrestling career will be over sooner than you think

The Bella Twins are very close to being a part of WWE history, if Brie and her husband have anything to do with it.

Brie revealed that she and hubby Daniel Bryan are ready to take on an even bigger challenge than any faced in the ring: pickedlooks prom dresses.

“I am so ready for motherhood,” she told Reveal magazine (via 411 Mania). “The hardest thing in our business is that, unfortunately, you can’t wrestle and be pregnant. It’s this ongoing tug of war inside if I’m ready to hang up my boots and start trying. Bryan and I have this crazy baby fever. We are so ready for it in our lives — especially considering how we are with our dog Josie — we’re so ready for a kid. You’re going to see me battle with it next series… It’s definitely around the corner, though!”

Brie was open about her desire to become a mother last season on Total Divas, even letting cameras join her for a trip to a fertility clinic to see if a baby really could be in the cards. And in September, her sister Nikki Bella said she is confident Brie’s baby dreams will come true in the new year.

“I feel like in 2016, there’s probably going to be a Bella bump,” Nikki told E! News. “[Brie] already takes prenatal vitamins, and she literally talks about it every day. I’m like, ‘We get it! You want to be a mom!'”

As for Nikki, she isn’t quite ready to take such a huge step. She told Reveal that she is still coming to terms with whatever the status of her relationship with John Cena might be.

When asked about her struggle with another man’s flirtation last season, she explained, “It wasn’t that I was tempted by Nick. It was the thought that there are others out there that want to give you marriage and kids.

“With Nick it’s hard to go back once you’re over it, but it did cross my mind that someone does want to make me a wife and someone does want to make me a mother. Poor John was like, ‘Is there anything I should be worried about?’ I was like, ‘Umm I don’t think so…’ But no, I adore John and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.”

The conquest of America

The Spanish was not his strong until a few months ago when the singer Alessandra Amoroso decided to take his music beyond the European borders, and that for the first time in his musical career is the Italian hero of his album “Alessandra Amoroso” a completely debut album in Spanish of that in just two weeks of intense study by the Romance language, Alessandra learned to communicate in Spanish without having a previous study his promotional tour in Latin America.

“My record company asked me to make a record in Spanish and of course I said I wanted to visit Latin America, talking with Latino and speak Spanish because I love this language a lot. I had to learn, did not want to have a translator when he came to Latin America, “said Alessandra who also stated that although still lacks some verbs applied, it will still continuing to master the language.

Miami was the first Italian destination practiced his Spanish, speaking with producer José Luis Bagan with words like “up the volume”, “low volume” while the recent plate was recorded; until finally the album was “Alessandra Amoroso” with the integration of 12 songs, mostly Amoroso had successes in his native country.

“The songs in Italian language with which I summarize my seven year-old singer is not literally translated into Spanish because metrically not fit, but have the same idea,” said the singer.

Moreover, Alessandra within your disk has two notable collaborations with Diego Torres in the song “Without a cloud” and “I’m lonely” voice and composition of Mario Domm. “Our passion to the most simple and nice details allowed me to have a great harmony with Mario Domm. This year he literally opened the doors of her house … precisely because of the record ‘I feel lonely’, we do in the studio. This song moved me from the beginning … it is one of those issues that occur rarely in life, perfect for our two voices. Sing with him has been a true honor, “said Amoroso.

For his part, Mario Domm said in a statement that talent is the key to penetrate any market “and it (Alessandra) certainly has …”.

Where Sara Carbonero has bought the first look ‘Maternity’ of her second pregnancy?

Sara Carbonero has made his first public appearance in our country after last week leaked that she is pregnant and expecting her second child with Iker Casillas. Precisely at a tribute ceremony in Porto goalkeeper Moncloa Palace, where he has received at the hands of Mariano Rajoy Sporting Merit Grand Cross, we have discovered the first look ‘Maternity’ hostess. Have you successful?

Although during their first pregnancy until the birth of Martin, Sara Carbonero pickedlooks prom dresses that style ‘boho chic’ that characterizes him in this first known public appearance around waiting another baby, we have the most sophisticated version of the presenter.

The truth is that the act deserved, and accompanying Iker Casillas to collect in Moncloa from the President of the Government the Grand Cross of Merit Deportivo, so Sara Carbonero, which is still a few weeks and has no sign yet of ‘belly’, she has opted for a nude pencil dress silhouette simple wool ‘stretch’, with three quarter sleeves and side opening,

Vicedomini. The Italian company has outlets in Spain, and also sells online, so do not know its price, but we assume that it will be purchased in one of his trips to Europe or USA, as in Portugal, the current country of residence, Nor they have shop or dealer. What we do know is Yepez Yliana bag with which it has combined: the model Mini Giovanna aubergine leather and gold hip costs € 995.

“It’s my choice” to return to television: “It will be difficult to repeat its place”

We thought this issue relegated to the annals of the PAF, yet eleven years after its judgment on France 3, This is my choice is Monday at 25. 17 hours on Honey Led by its iconic presenter, Evelyne Thomas. Will the viewers to go? The results of hearing us tell you, but to believe the users of the Facebook page of 20 Minutes, Evelyne Thomas can count on his fans. “I loved this show, says Pascale. Evelyne has an incredible talent. I think her new show will change very well and the same unfriendly heads that we inflict on other channels. ”

The personality of the presenter. This is where lies its success. “It’s a natural She has a great heart, she is close to the people, “says Isadora. This Versaillaise 47 years (“but I do not do”) was a faithful audience in the show, drawn from the concept which gave voice to the anonymous sitting in the studio.

“By dint of being there, ask questions, I sympathized with Evelyne Thomas and we even became friends. “Marie-Hélène also attended many records. “There was a very friendly atmosphere on set and then I liked the concept of this show which addressed all issues without taboos. ”

“I was recording the show every day”
If Isadora and Marie-Hélène remained in the shadow of the public, Elo, she has put into light by participating in the program in April 2002. “I was recording the show every day for the watch night after work. I liked the talk show at the American side, the subjects amused me. I enrolled for a live TV experience. “The shooting” remains a great memory. ” “The team was too much trouble. I kept the tape, but my children have never been able to look at as we no longer have a VCR (for the youngest of our readers, a VCR, right) “. This Lyonnaise 35 years had however been less attracted by the presenter, at the time it had found “very cold.” “She has not had a look or a word for us. But that was thirteen years ago. It has certainly changed. ”

Marie-Hélène rather explain the attitude of Evelyne Thomas by his shyness. “She was very reserved. “Is today? Marie-Hélène, the former Paris 65 who moved in Ardeche, could not attend the new records. Isadora, however, was there. “I found the atmosphere on the set before, part of the team and sequences like the makeover”, she enthuses. This will reassure some Marie-Helene, who hopes that the concept of the show is not exceeded. “She came to say what people freely say today. It will be difficult to repeat his place. But I wish him well. “And promised, if she goes to Paris, she will again attend a recording.

Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald welcome first baby right on time

Four days after her due date, Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, have finally welcomed their first baby into the world, People magazine reports.

The baby boy was born Thursday evening, according to the site, though details so far are pickedlooks prom dresses. The gender reveal is already proving fans wrong, after 58,350 people voted in an online poll predicting that Duggar was expecting a girl, while only 23,158 guessed that she had a boy on the way.

Duggar and Seewald announced their pregnancy last spring, just months after their November wedding. It was later revealed that their due date was the same as their wedding anniversary: Nov. 1. The baby was a little late, but we can’t imagine that’s dampening any celebrations in the Duggar/Seewald household today.

“I think having this first year together to share our lives, just the two of us, has been special,” Duggar told People exclusively back in April, before adding that she and her husband were “definitely excited to be parents.”

People also reports that the baby’s arrival will be featured on Duggar’s spinoff reality series, Counting On, a TLC series of specials that will focus on Jessa and Jill Duggar.

Diane Kruger, Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington exude glamor in the amfAR gala in Los Angeles

The American Foundation for research support in the fight against AIDS held a spectacular gala, which was attended by many familiar faces.

Actresses like Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane Kruger and models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie did not want to miss this solidarity party, which this time took place in Los Angeles.

Nor they missed the appointment young Emma Roberts and Lea Michele, each true to his style on the red carpet.

It’s very important. I’m an actress, what would make sense only romantic heroine roles. There needs to be challenges in your projects there elements that make you grow. If you want to succeed in your career and in your life, if you want to have options, you need to do different things, not always stay at the same level. It’s like learning a language. You will not always stay on the same course. Each paper offers an opportunity to grow and you have to find it.

When you get to a certain point, maybe you have to choose from a production in which you’re going to make money, but with a story that is not interesting, and you do not want to feel prisoner of money, or other independent film, without much budget, but with a fascinating history … but then you may not have distribution. It is really hard. It is logical to want a living, maintain a comfortable lifestyle. But you have to learn to balance your choices. When you know what you want is perhaps more natural, though still not easy.

Two years ago decided, for example, do certain project and, even today, my agent reproaches me, because it was a blockbuster, with monsters! But I chose not to do it because he did not want to paint green three hours every day for six months. It would not have survived. I did not want to be unhappy. It’s that simple. I want to be happy, do not want to be unhappy with what I do.