‘How I Met Your Mother’ comes to an end today in Latin America

For the first time in Latin America and after a journey of nine seasons and 207 chapters, this Thursday, October 29 will be broadcast on pay television the end of the hit series “How I Met Your Mother”.

Created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, production to be aired at 21:00 by Sony features performances by Josh Radnor pickedlooks prom dresses, Jason Segel (Marshall), Cobie Smulders (Robin), Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) and Alyson Hannigan (Lily), were reported in a statement.

The history of this group of friends end, having lived marriages, separations and especially over time.

In the chapter on Thursday, the story of “Ted Mosby” for their children in 2030 will reach the end to reveal the question that gives life to the series that travels to 2005, at which “Ted” is a 27-year in search of love and success as an architect.

After “Lily” and “Marshall” have their first child after the wedding and “Robin” and “Barney”, the fate of “Ted” is about to change to meet the love of your life.

However, all this can take several turns in the life of each of these friends who have clashed with humor, but above all with friendship, conflicts of adulthood.

The series, which has won a dozen awards, including several Emmy nominations and as Neil Patrick Harris at the Golden Globes, has enjoyed special performances of people like Tim Gun, Enrique Iglesias, Bryan Cranston, Danica McKellar and even Britney Spears.


Brandi Glanville’s RHONY drug allegations could get her in trouble

Could Brandi Glanville’s latest comments land her in some hot water?

Glanville used a discussion on her most recent podcast to make serious accusations about illegal drug use by the cast of The Real Housewives of http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of evidence, but that didn’t stop her.

During a group discussion with guests including Julie Goldman and Brandy Howard, the conversation turned to how the current season of RHONY has been going.

“By the way — the New York chicks. Are they on coke all the time?” Glanville asks her guests. One responds, “This particular season, LuAnn [de Lesseps] let loose and got completely f***ed up, so she was probably doing coke.”

Glanville takes that as an excuse to make an allegation about the entire RHONY cast, saying, “I thought for sure they were all running lines in the bathroom. It just seemed like it. They were all yankered up.”

Seeming to realize that her unfounded comments could get her in trouble, Glanville then tries to shift the blame to her friend and RHONY cast member Kristen Taekman.

“I have some inside scoop from Kristen on a few things,” Glanville says. “I won’t say who, but one of the cast members has V.C.R. at all times — visual coke residue.”

Glanville doesn’t ever specify which cast member she’s talking about, but she does say viewers aren’t able to see the supposed “V.C.R.” because producers have “18 filters on us” to hide blemishes from the cameras.

Considering how much drama Glanville has started on RHOBH, it’s not really surprising that she’s using her podcast to stir up more trouble. But her allegations are serious, and she could be opening herself up to legal action by RHONY cast members or even the show’s producers.

10 Terrifying Halloween movies you need to see

Every holiday has its traditions. With each of these holidays, people have different ways in which they honor their own traditions. Halloween is no exception.

Whether it is the carved pumpkins popping up on porches or the aisles of candy in the stores, the costumes or pickedlooks prom dresses signs, most people have their own Halloween tradition.

For me, Halloween is all about the movies. It is the time when I can curl up on the couch with my popcorn and bag of candy and watch movies that remind me of my childhood and the scary tradition that Halloween has become for many people. This year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, and I am already planning my day in watching all of my favorites.

What would Halloween be without the movie about Halloween? It has to be the 1978 version with Jamie Lee Curtis. This is my all-time favorite Halloween movie.

The Shining

Though I have never watched this movie in its entirety, it comes highly recommended from my best friend. There is something so sinister about Jack Nicholson and those twins that make this movie one to watch. I hear that I need to see the ending. I plan to this year.

When a Stranger Calls (1979)

Nothing says scary more than an obscene caller who knows each and every move you make. There have been several remakes of this movie but the original is the best.

Trilogy of Terror

I have always remembered this and to date, there are still indigenous items that I would never purchase. This was the movie that solidified my love for horror films, but it was also the movie that for many years stopped me from watching horror movies.


This movie is not really scary (well, the clown scene, maybe). This movie made me limit my television time, not just based on the content of the movie, but because too much television is not good for anyone.

The Omen

Damien was and still is one scary kid. This movie still bothers me when I watch it today, just to think of the capabilities of this kid and what he did to so many people. This is a great Halloween choice.

Salem’s Lot

This is a movie I saw when I was a lot younger and find it hard to watch now. This movie was one that caused me a few sleepless nights. I was told that the book was much scarier than the movie. This is an excellent movie to watch on Halloween.

Pet Sematary

What would Halloween be if there was no visit to the cemetery? Pet Sematary shows what happens when cemeteries go wrong — very wrong. Another movie where I understand the book is far better than the movie; if that is the case, I will never read the book.

The Exorcist

I think for my generation, this is one of the classics. The demonic, possessed teenager who offends even the priest is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen, and a movie I never watch before going to bed. You have to see for yourself to know why.


The original Hitchcock black-and-white version of Psycho should be on any list of Halloween movies to watch. More suspenseful than scary, this movie will have you on a deep-breathing roller-coaster where scene after scene, you experience what it is like to be a guest at the Bates Motel.

There are thousands of horror movies to choose from. You can also watch Halloween movies that are humorous, entertaining or even animated. There is no limit to what you can watch on Halloween.

Beyoncé pays 284,000 euros for a pair of shoes

Beyoncé wants you to impress in his next video. It is not yet known what will be his next music http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/, but the Birmingham Mail reveals that the queen of RnB focus to the feet, a pair of stilettos encrusted with 1,290 diamonds. According to the newspaper, the shoes – that are the fruit of the imagination of the British designer Christopher Shellis for the luxury brand House of Borgezie – would have cost 284,000 euros and are guaranteed for life.

The creator, contacted by Beyoncé’s entourage there several months, said: “I was told that stilettos would be used in the next clip due out in the fall. ”

“It’s kind of the ultimate dream – to have as a client Beyoncé said Christopher Shellis the Birmingham Mail. If you are looking for someone to carry your creations, you can not do better than Beyoncé. “Even for a single appearance in a music video.

Kendall Jenner presented bride suit

Karl Lagerfeld showed yesterday his haute couture collection for the French label. But he changed his favorite place, the ‘Grand Palais’ in a casino, at the tables took visitors as Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora, Julianne Moore or Lara Stone Place. For the Three Graces of couture masterpiece by the way had designed their own creations for the occasion. In addition, even Lily Rose Depp, Baptiste Giabiconi or Daphne Guiness frolicked among the visitors.

Out of sheer gambling they almost forgot the most important thing: On the catwalk dominated tweed designs, new editions of ‘Chanel’ jacket and military pickedlooks prom dresses. The clothes were against playful and decorated with ruffles or lace. The styling, however this time delivered the great contrast with manga-like hair style, strict short hair wigs and pointed painted geisha eyebrows.

The big star of the evening was undoubtedly Kendall Jenner, who was allowed to present on the catwalk instead of a wedding dress a masculine cream suit with opulent decorative buttons, a camellia and veil Train. Like she thanked then with a kiss on the cheek with her conveyor, so that the reality star is definitely rooted in the international fashion scene.

Kendall Jenner could include the ‘Chanel’ show.

Emilia Clarke voted “the sexiest women alive”

Sexier than ever. Voted “the sexiest women alive” (“The sexiest woman alive”) by Esquire, Emilia Clarke made an appearance very noticed in the pages of the magazine. On the cover, she reveals the naked Brigitte Bardot in Contempt, and lent itself to the game of series of scantily clad http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/.

“She can both play a queen or the next door neighbor”
Emilia Clarke, Daenerys Targaryen alias in Game of Thrones, succeeds Penelope Cruz in the “sexiest woman”. Esquire, this title is justified by the fact that it “managed to gather several opposing naturally, like the softness and firmness, the emotion with the determination. Something in these contrasts is the reason for her sex appeal. It can both play a queen or the next door neighbor, a dominatrix or a friend. ”

Still remember that the actress had said some time ago judging “useless” the sex scenes in Game of Thrones and wanting “to be recognized for his game, not for her breasts.” So a small exception for Esquire.

Clarke has joined the club of the sexiest for lifestyle publication for women of Hearst group in previous years was set at the Spanish Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson in American women and Mila Kunis.

Big Freedia reveals the celeb she wishes was at the ‘Twerk of Art’ photo shoot

Katey Red: That’s my girl! She taught me everything I know, and I wouldn’t be where I am without her.

Katey lived in the Melphopmine projects, and I met her through my friend Addie at a block pickedlooks prom dresses. I started as her backup singer. Boy, we had some times together! Life is never boring around her.

Wasn’t it sweet to see my dancer Skip on his shopping spree for his daughter? I love my dancers, ya heard me? We are all a family, and I’m proud that he’s taking care of his daughter. Speaking of Skip, now you know he wants to perform on Broadway — he’ll do it. He’ll be representin’ all of NOLA when he becomes a tap/bounce star. But did you know if I wasn’t a dancer, singer, designer, what I’d be in another life? Not Broadway, but I’d be chef or decorator. We all have more than one talent, use it. Be free and unafraid!

Now have you evuh seen an “ass-friendly” photo shoot before? That’s a real work of art (or as we called that gallery: “Twerk of Art”). It was time we immortalized the rumps in living color. Why weren’t you there? Who wouldn’t want butt tattoos with names splashed across? Only thing I regret is not baring it all myself! And if there was one person alive or dead I could’ve had there (besides Devon), it would’ve been JLo!

I even gave ya a little “churchin'” this time around. Yep, I’m just a grown-up choir boy who’s now 6-feet-plus tall. You may have noticed my “Queen Vera” shirt. Shout out to mom who’s in the heavens. Will never stop missing you, momma!

A performer’s worst nightmare is losing her voice, and you can see it happened in Philly during a sold-out show! But the show must go on. I’ve lost it before; my fans will always rally for me. They love me everywhere I go, and it’s like one big family! That’s the Freedia crowd, baby! None othuh! My voice may go, but my rump don’t ever get tired, and that’s what they come for!