‘Children need their own TV’: Patricia Arriaga

Making children’s television is easy. Make intelligent children’s television, with proposal and to be able to endure beyond the http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/, is another matter. It is the latter which is betting Patricia Arriaga, producer today debuts the “Kin” series, through signal Canal Once, at 16:30.

“Kin” breaks the mold of children’s series. In fact, Patricia likes to consider the issue as an experiment where you will see how far you can bet on a formula -and sumar- unexplored, as is television designed especially for children, “has two key elements – interviewees explained, Mayan history and the violence that exists in our country. ”

Joaquin fascinated with the culture child is the center of history, which will be a victim of bullying. And it is this situation that will unleash a story that moves between drama and fantasy.

The historical section explains Arriaga “has much to do with my interest in doing something with the culture, which is very rich. A historian friend told me about Pakal (Maya ruler), who ascended the throne at age 12, what I think may be of interest to children. ”

And the second thing has to do with a more contemporary element: “Violence, that plaguing the country and that is everywhere. It has a presence in the news, on the streets. And nobody thinks about how children also face a particular problem processed: the bullying. ”

The new wave of viewers

The reality of children’s series has changed dramatically in recent years. For Patricia, whose experience in this field spanning several decades (he is the creator of classical concepts as “Bizbirije” and “couch Valentina”), children’s television is done without really thinking about them.


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Mariah Carey’s boyfriend is practically Australian royalty

Two things officially take your low-key relationship to the next level: changing your relationship status on Facebook and walking the red carpet pickedlooks prom dresses.

And now that Mariah Carey has stepped out with her new man, we can officially officially call them a couple.

And they are adorable together. The “#Beautiful” singer walked the red carpet with her new beau at the premiere of The Intern on Monday. Of course, the pair has been spotted together for the last several months, most notably walking the streets of Capri, Italy, in June.

Want to know more about him? He is none other than Aussie businessman James Packer.

At the red carpet event, they didn’t hold hands, but they did stand extremely close and seemed very cozy with each other. Packer was caught often taking the sweetest glances over at the singer with a wide, toothy grin on his face most of the time. In addition to looking stunning individually, they made quite the attractive pair.

Mariah Carey and James ParkerImage: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com
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Packer coruns RatPac Entertainment with Brett Ratner. The tall, handsome man is the son of the late Australian media mogul Kerry Packer and Forbes estimates the billionaire is worth a whopping $3.5 million.

Packer’s family sold the family business, Consolidated Press Holdings Limited, to News Corp back in 2012.

The Aussie, like Carey, has been married before and is now divorced. He has three young children, while Carey herself has twins with her ex-husband, Nick Cannon. The two were all smiles and giggles together and looked like they were nothing but smitten with each other.

Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall wants to redefine motherhood

Is it offensive to define a person as “childless”?

Not only does Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall say, yes, she also think it’s time to look at http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/ — and the lack of having biological children — in a new light.

“…the ‘less’ in childless sounds like you’re ‘less’ [of a woman] because you haven’t got a child,” Cattrall said.

“I think the thing that I find questionable about being childless or child -free… Are you really? I mean, there is a way to become a mother in this day and age that doesn’t include your name on the child’s birth certificate. You can express that maternal side of you very, very clearly, very strongly. I guess the world is, it feels very satisfying.”

Cattrall explained that she expressed this side of herself by mentoring young actors and with her nieces and nephews, who she said she is very close with.

Women do face a lot more pressure about children than men. In part, it’s because women are expected to have that motherly urge, and also it’s because men have a much larger window in which they could potentially have a baby.

But regardless of the reason, it is an issue that seems to come up much more prevalently for women, especially if they don’t have any children of their own. The question is often, “Why not?” Women are expected to justify their decision.

And it’s clear from Cattrall’s response that this is far from the first time she’s been asked about her decision not to have children of her own. Her answer was educated, well-thought-out and, frankly, spot-on. If she feels that nurturing spirit within her has been fulfilled enough to her satisfaction, then who is anyone else to question her happiness?

Tamra Judge reveals what happened between Brooks Ayers & Vicki Gunvalson

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Tamra Judge is airing Vicki Gunvalson’s dirty laundry in a new Instagram post that says a lot about Gunvalson’s relationship with her ex, pickedlooks prom dresses.

It’s no secret that many people, including Gunvalson’s daughter Briana, didn’t like Ayers. So when the couple announced that they were called their relationship quits again, everyone assumed that Gunvalson had finally wised up and given him the boot.

So not the case, according to Judge, who replied to an Instagrammer who suggested that “she must have found out he’s been lying about everything?!”

Judge responded to the user @lolutz explaining, “he broke up with her.”

And though Judge does admit that she goes off on Ayers in the most recent episode of RHOC, she is sure to say that it has nothing to do with his relationship with Gunvalson. “I’m not in their business. He says something that is a total lie about me. I correct it.”

Of course, if Judge isn’t in Gunvalson and Ayers’ business, why is she being so loose-lipped about how they ended things, especially when Gunvalson and Ayers have done their best to keep things PC? They even released a statement explaining that they simply realized their lives were heading in two different directions.

But rumors have recently surfaced that the couple is talking again. And it would make much more sense for them to be rekindling the flame if Gunvalson wasn’t the one to pull the plug, especially since there were even more rumors that the two actually broke up because of Ayers’ fake cancer drama.

Jaimie Alexander got her producer fired for a totally deserving reason

Don’t mess with Jaimie http://www.pickedlooks.com/prom-dresses-c_11/!

In a recent interview with People magazine, the Thor star revealed how a gross, handsy producer got too close — and how she got revenge (twice!).

“I’ve knocked out a producer before,” 31-year-old Alexander says in the magazine’s latest issue.

And while Alexander plays a skilled fighter on her TV show, Blindspot, and was a competitive wrestler in high school, this incident was almost an accident, not that the producer didn’t have it coming.

“It was at this huge work-related party,” Alexander explains. “He tried to untie my swimsuit. He was really short. I twisted around and my elbow caught his eye and busted it up.”

That probably would have been perfect enough, as far as karma goes. But Alexander, whose new NBC drama premieres later this month, got a second round of payback.

“He was really mad and then he got fired from the company he was at,” she says. “He learned his lesson. That was pretty awesome.”

If only all sleazy dudes got such instant payback from the universe, the world would definitely be a better place.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Alexander, who does her own stunts, pulled off such a badass move.

“I get beaten up pretty bad, but you’ve just gotta go for it,” she said of filming Blindspot.

But while handsy producers don’t scare her, there’s one thing that does.

“I have a major fear of airplanes, which doesn’t make sense because I love helicopters and gliders and everything, but I don’t like commercial airlines,” she told People. “I was in an almost near plane crash in 2012.”

Duran Duran fans, don’t freak — Lindsay Lohan is on their new album

By now, you probably forgot Lindsay Lohan and Duran Duran were working on a song pickedlooks prom dresses.

Late last year, Lohan dropped the news on Instagram, when she posted a surprise pic of herself and the legendary band, captioned, “#DuranDuran @alianalohan recording with some greats!!!”

Duran Duran later confirmed, posting the pic to their own account. It’s a collaboration we never saw coming, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t stoked to see what would come of it.

And today, we finally did. Duran Duran’s new album doesn’t officially drop until Friday, but they posted the whole thing to SoundCloud on Tuesday, giving fans a little preview of Paper Gods. And it turns out the album features a whole lot more famous names than just Lohan.

Duran Duran invited a whole list of awesome artists to collaborate on the album, including Janelle Monáe, Mark Ronson, Kiesza, Nile Rodgers, Mr. Hudson, Jonas Bjerre from Mew and ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, as well as Lohan, of course.

Our favorite track has got to be Lohan’s, though. On “Dancephobia,” a super-high-energy dance track, the actress and singer is featured in a spoken-word verse. Take a listen here.

No word yet on what’s next for Lohan’s music career, but after a lackluster few years for her own music, it’s good to see her owning the scene again with Duran Duran, one of the greatest bands out there.